"Healing begins within!" -


Healing for the Heart, Mind, Body and Spirit

Our mission is to raise awareness of one's True Divine Nature and bring balance and healing to the Mind, Body, and Spirit. We've created a space for one to heal emotionally, mentally, physically and aesthetically. It's all about the Divine in You!
"Healing is the natural result of love moving in your life!"
Angel Ariel
"The journey of healing begins within!"
Megan Weston

 Principles of Healing

Trust the Natural 
Support the natural healing systems of the heart, mind, body, and Soul by using methods and techniques that are in harmony with the body's natural ability to heal. Viewing the body as a whole in its physical and spiritual dimensions.

The Healing Power of Nature
Trust in the body's natural process to heal itself.

Recognize the Source
Discomfort, discord, and dis-ease has an underlying cause. Often caused by aspects of one's lifestyle, diet, habits and thought processes. 

Healer as Teacher
Through intuition, education and compassion we are able to guide you on the journey to healing and empower you to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Creating balance to live in Divine Happiness, Health, and Well Being. 

We welcome individuals and families

The Center is open for appointments 7 days per week!

273 W. North St.
Geneva, NY 14456




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