"Healing begins within!" -

images (3)Channeling-It is my intention to create a sacred space for you to communicate with them. My only request is you come with an open heart and mind. It is in the power of love and faith they communicate through. The purpose of this communication is to help you understand, heal and be one in the love and energy you shared with them. They are no longer with us in physical expression but truly share emotion, thoughts, memories and knowings since they've crossed. It is the way that they can and many emotions will surface. They come with messages of love, understanding and at times forgiveness. 
Channeling for 1: $90                 
Channeling for 2: $110
Channeling for 3: $120
Channeling for 4 or more: $40 per individual
Phone or Skype: $95

Spiritual Card Reading- Your loved ones in heaven want to talk with you, and share their love and reassurance to help heal your grief.

meditation basicsPrivate Meditation-Meditation where you simply relax and allow the mind to still, heart to calm, body to relax. Benefits are immediate. Connect to the most natural and sacred feeling of you...Peace.
15 minute session: $25                                
30 minute session: $55                                 
45 minute session: $70                                 
60 minute session: $85
Pregnancy-MassageMommy to Be Mediation- Conception is a special time for moms, baby to be and the family. You and the baby deserve special time out to bond. Every emotion you have baby is feeling so learn how to relax and just be one with this special time. Spouses and siblings can be a part of the meditation. Learn and experience simple techniques to help through every stage and after delivery.
60 minute session: $85   
Mediation Class-Learn how to use the law of attraction to create a healthy and wealthy life. You will learn simple techniques to apply in daily life. The benefits are stress management, weight management, concentration and self-esteem. Anxiety and depression can be extinct! Groups are held monthly for you to attend as well.                 
90 minute sessions: $95
Intuitive Consulting-This session is directed more toward guidance personally and professionally. A one on one session to help direct one to their highest expression. Personal relationships and career are a focal point. 
60 minute sessions: $85      
30 minute sessions: $55
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Divine UnionThis is an Inner Light Healing Session for two who would like to understand and heal their relationship on a Soul level. It was recommended for couples getting married, but I have since discovered that many relationships whether in marriage, confusion, conflict or just wanting to be closer on a spiritual level will benefit.     
2 hour session:  $140

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